CL600 – Macerator Toilet (Ceramic)

H x D x W = 46 cm x 47 cm x 38 cm

Color: White

This toilet has a built-in electric flush that macerates (grinds) the waste and can pump it to up to 30 meters horizontal and up to 3 meter upward displacement to the composting tank. It connects to a 38mm/1.5 inch discharge pipe. The water connects with a standard 0.5 inch NPT connection. The macerator operates at 12V-20A or 24V-15A.

Operated by a wall-mounted switch. For flushing it uses approx. 0.5 liters of water.

The bowl is made of vitreous china. The macerator is made of stainless steel with a glass-filled polypropylene body.