Clivus Multrum is a composting toilet. The sewage in a Clivus Multrum is composted over a long period of time, with the help of micro-organisms, ventilation and humidity. The process takes several years. Please find more information on “Technology”.

The Clivus Multrum tank has a large capacity in which the sewage is completely composted. This takes about 6 years. A smaller toilet does not have enough volume for complete composting. The sewage must be removed regularly and disposed of appropriately (not directly in the environment).

Clivus Multrum is suitable where water is not available or in short supply, or when no traditional sewage grid has reached. Clivus Multrum is a perfect alternative for those who want to save thousands of liters of water.

  • Treatment of sewage on site
  • No sewage transports
  • No water consumption (when using an open model toilet fixture)
  • Very low maintenance
  • Low power consumption (no power required if no fan is used)
  • The container is relatively large but the volume is necessary for a complete composting.
  • When choosing a waterless installation the toilet fixture has a larger opening than a standard toilet. However, there are alternatives that have a standard opening but they use a small amount of water.

The first step is to consider the volume sewage that the Clivus Multrum should process. This will determine the size of composting tank. One should also consider the position of the toilet fixture compared to the composting tank. Finally, the Clivus Multrum installation requires a minimum of 1.3m (for M100) below the bathroom floor. See also the section on “Installation”.

The running cost of a Clivus Multrum is very low and there is no cost for transportation and disposal of sewage.

As a rule of thumb, you do not need a permit but check with your local municipality.

Clivus Multrum is the original. We have more than 70 years of experience. If you follow our guidelines we will guarantee the proper functioning of your Clivus Multrum.